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Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is Not Your Only Option

Bankruptcy is not the best option for everyone. There are alternatives to bankruptcy. From your initial consultation throughout our representation, we will listen to your needs and goals to determine the best course of action for you. If bankruptcy is not the best path, we will be honest with you and provide you a clear understanding of your options and alternatives.

Even if you should not file for bankruptcy, we can still help you relieve the financial strain you are under. At Kamini Fox, PLLC, we will inform you of all possible solutions available to you and help you pursue the ones that are right for your situation and circumstances. Alternatives to bankruptcy may include short sales, loan modifications, and refinancing.

Kamini Fox Assists with Other Forms of Debt Settlement

Kamini Fox will also assist in facilitating any possible debt settlement with a bank or lender. Through this process, we will work out new terms or interest rates that would be beneficial to you and allow you to catch up on your debt. It is in the bank’s best interest for you to continue paying on the debt, and we will work with it to create an agreement that makes repayment feasible.

Our firm will explore any liquidations, exemptions, or reorganizations that might be available to your situation, leveraging every option available. For some individuals and families, this provides the break needed to catch up and regain control of the situation.


In filing for bankruptcy, an automatic stop is put on all creditor harassment, garnishments, repossessions, and foreclosure. This allows space to gain traction on payments and avoid bankruptcy and further impact on your credit rating.

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