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Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

Your Best Chance of Success

Filing for bankruptcy relief in New York is complex, and a task you should never try to accomplish alone.

You stand a much better chance of success with filing for bankruptcy relief in New York by aligning yourself with the compassionate, skilled Garden City, New York bankruptcy lawyer Kamini Fox, PLLC.


During your initial consultation, you will learn about the distinction between federal consumer bankruptcy and business bankruptcy, discharge, dischargeability (elimination) of certain debt, the role of alimony and student loans, etc., in your specific bankruptcy strategy; and for creditors, you will obtain sound and aggressive advocacy for litigation defense when a fraudulent conveyance or preference is alleged, or how you can best assert and protect your claims in a bankruptcy case. 

Kamini Fox concentrates exclusively on bankruptcy matters for clients in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Contact us today to speak with accomplished, attentive attorneys who truly care about your future.

Ms. Fox offers sound counsel, honest answers to your questions, excellent service, and a people-friendly approach to these effective debt relief strategies:


  • Alternatives to bankruptcy filings New York State — such as mortgage modifications, refinancing, and negotiations with lenders for debt settlement

  • Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy — including bankruptcy exemptions and asset preservation for consumers who are liquidating or reorganizing debt, the automatic stay’s method of stopping creditor harassment and home foreclosure, and bankruptcy litigation for creditors and debtors responding to allegations of fraud

  • Chapter 11 business and individual bankruptcy — designed to assist business owners and proprietors, and the self-employed


We know that while every bankruptcy remedy and proceeding is unique, most people feel intimidated when filing. The paperwork involved in bankruptcy cases can be quite confusing and often, your creditors will have teams of lawyers behind them. We work hard to deliver a personal touch and full-service approach that takes the fear out of the process for you and removes the stigma of a bankruptcy filing.

We are dedicated to your success — so contact us. Speak with Kamini Fox today if you reside in, or if the bankruptcy case in which you are involved is in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens.  Call 516-493-9920 or use the form below.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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