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Delayed and Denied Mortgage Modifications

Are you struggling with seeking to modify your mortgage?

At Kamini Fox, PLLC our attorneys advocate on behalf of those who are seeking modification of their mortgages that could help to save their home or investment properties.

The lender may be dragging its feet, taking an unacceptable period to make a decision on the mortgage, or alleging that it didn’t receive documents that you sent them, or it may constantly demand more updated documents. This delay can be costly to the consumer. Whether you are facing a delay or a denial, it is important that you act quickly to keep foreclosure at bay and keep your home or investment property.

Kamini Fox Will Assist to Modify a Home Loan

No matter how frustrating the situation, there are almost always solutions. They may just require a creative and knowledgeable understanding. Our firm is known for its ability to provide answers to the obstacles our clients face. We will help you create a strategy for saving your home that is in your best interests and protects your future.

In some cases, your mortgage modification may be denied because of the overwhelming additional debt that you carry. Our lawyers will help you find ways to discharge some of that debt through the strategy or bankruptcy that is best suited to your situation.

Many times, individuals who have the assistance of legal representation are more likely to be able to find a deal with the bank or creditor that will allow the individual to stay in the home. It benefits the creditor to come to an agreeable repayment plan. By having a bankruptcy firm advocating on your behalf, you can speed up the process or force the issue, getting the answer you need.

To arrange an initial consultation about bankruptcy and mortgage modification, please contact us at 516-493-9920.

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